Sharon Wauchob

Wauchob, Sharon

Sharon Wauchob (1969) is an Anglo-Saxon fashion designer. She moved from Northern Ireland to London. Here she graduated from Saint Martin’s School to the acclaim of Japanese designer Koji Tatsuno. Then, she followed him to Paris from 1993 to 1997. The fashion designer then collaborated with Louis Vuitton and in 1995 created costumes for the film The Pillow book by Peter Greenaway.

Since her first personal collection in ’98, her style has been inspired by the femininity of nomadic women because of the spirituality of his Celtic roots. In October 2000 her designs were shown for the second year running at the south gallery of the Petit-Palais during Nokia’s Fashion Hall. The Irish designer’s most recent collections, such as the one shown on the catwalk in March 2003, have leather as their common denominator: black, white, imitation or real leather for stiletto trousers and boots, in which the “Celtic background” that characterised the first collections comes to the fore and continues to evoke the designer’s origins.

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