Junya (1962). Japanese designer, pupil and protégé of Rei Kawakubo, the founder of Comme de Garµons, with whom he still works. He lives and works in Tokyo, and leaves only to present his collections on the runways of Paris. He studied at the Bunka Fashion Institute, which graduated all the major Japanese fashion designers, from Kenzo to Yamamoto. He graduated in 1984. Three years later, he was already in charge of the tricot line of Comme des Garµons, a position that he continues to hold even though, ever since 1992, financed by his teacher, he has been designing a collection of his own within the fashion house. His motto is: “Push creativity forward, with no thought for the consequences.” The next year, he won the Mainichi Newspaper Award for new designers and he presented twice in Paris. Since 1994 he has been designing his own line, characterized by destructured shoulders and colors that range from bright to dark. He often experiments with new and technological fabrics. He works with a vast array of materials and loves transformable outfits, often just with the use of a zipper. His sales volume is about 10 million Euros.