Ines (1972). Austrian fashion designer. She was born in Graz. She studied with Helmut Lang in Vienna and at the Domus Academy in Milan. She has carried out major collaborations in Italy and elsewhere. She has worked with many apparel manufacturers and producers of knitwear, haute couture and accessories, not to mention her experiences with consortiums such as lace producers such as Austrian Embroideries, or Swiss Textil. For them since 1993 Ines has designed entire lines or individual items, while continuing the collection that bears her name, which debuted at the end of February 1999, during Milan Collezioni, and which since then has been presented in various occasions on the runways of Europe.
&Quad;1999. She designed the FusCo per Angelo Fusco collection.
&Quad;2001, March. She sent down the runways models with beer cans and (fake) joints in their hands. There are countless parallels with Vivienne Westwood.
&Quad;2001, October. The urban jungle, a savage and yet metropolitcan panorama, was the setting for Valentinitsch’s Spring-Summer 2002 collection, with women wrapped in braided lianas enveloping their bodies. Fabrics and accessories were evocative of the world of apes. At the door, journalists were given little voodoo dolls, completed with pins.
&Quad;2002, September. On the occasion of her first appearance at “White,” the section of Momi-Modamilano dedicated to the most innovative names in prêt-à-porter, the Austrian designer presented outfits with concave 1980s shoulders, white balaclavas, and modernist ski overalls.
&Quad;2002, April. Thanks to the agreement with the Japanese group Itochu, the Austrian designer launches Ini, the youth line intended at first only for the Japanese market.