Talk was an american monthly magazine founded by the film production house Miramax and edited by Tina Brown. Aside from culture and entertainment, it focused great attention on fashion. The first issue, which cost more than 50 million dollars to launch, was published in September 1999. Among the bylines were illustrious names in American journalism, politics, the movies, and fashion.

Talk was a sort of sophisticated rotogravure

“The idea,” explained Tina Brown, “was to create a product in the style of the old American magazines, when an article by Truman Capote would appear next to an interview with Doris Day or a recipe. A sort of sophisticated rotogravure. It’s one of those magazines that you can roll up and slip into a bag or into the pocket of your jacket and read anywhere.” The mastermind of Talk was Tina Brown (1957), a British journalist who began her career at the age of 25 as an editor at The Tatler. At the end of the 1980s she arrived in New York to run the magazine Vanity Fair. Then she took over The New Yorker, the most educated and snobbish weekly in America. In both cases, the “mistress of journalism” revolutionized the content and the style of the magazines because trasform them into products of spectacular image but elite readership, a pair of cult magazines.