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    Rosier, Michèle

    Michèle Rosier was a French journalist and fashion designer, founder of the V de V (Vetements des Vacances) brand in 1962.

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    Richter, Uli

    Uli Richter is a German fashion designer who established his fashion house in 1959 in Berlin. Thanks to his classic style, he has become a fashion icon.

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    Revillon is a historic French fur company, founded by Louis-Victor Revillon who bought the old Parisian fashion house Givelet in 1839.

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    Richmond, John

    John Richmond (1961). English fashion designer. Inspired by the '50s and hard rock. In '96 he debuted with his first women's collection.

  • René Lézard

    René Lézard

    René Lézard is a German ready-to-wear fashion brand for women and men, launched in 1978 by Thomas Schaeffer.