Pollice, Gaetano

Gaetano Pollice, who grew up in Guglionesi, is a young designer who, with his bags, becomes the spokesperson of the tradition of Molise and of the made in Italy craftsmanship.

The Origin

The fashion designer Gaetano Pollice grew up in Guglionesi, a town in the Molise hinterland. He lived and studied in Milan and Bologna, arriving (also for work reasons) up to China, Japan, Russia, Korea, India and the United States.

Gaetano Pollice Cloud Clutch Sample
Pollice Big Stars Burgundy

Despite numerous travels, Gaetano, very tied to the local traditions, has always returned to Italy. And precisely Italy, or rather Molise, with its culture and its flavors, is the protagonist of the designer’s bags. Pollice, therefore, becomes the spokesperson of the Molise tradition through bags that mark the savoir-faire of the artisans who have actively accompanied the brand born in 2015 on the success.

On this resourceful team the stylist says: “I feel like the captain of a boat that goes off and whoever takes it forward is as crazy as me. That madness necessary to risk and to rejoice when finally the dry land is sighted. This boat is called Made in Molise and the Molise artisans and my family all got on board aware of starting an infinite journey. An adventure that every day recognize me as a salvation, because a craftsman today if he can not experience is bored. But we do not even have a moment to get bored; we get our hands dirty every day and with our hands we make these jewels that since 2015 now make us dream. “

The style of Gaetano Pollice

The Tombolo bag is proof of Gaetano’s attachment to his homeland, a fine woman’s handbag whose decoration, in fact, is obtained with the ancient embroidery technique that dates back to the 16th century. In Molise, in fact, there are still women who make these precious embroideries, which weave ivory-colored threads with the help of spindles. A small museum has been founded in Isernia that preserves all the old embroidered canvases in Tombolo.

Gaetano Pollice Tombolo Bag
Gaetano Pollice Tombolo Bag

All the pieces of the collections are created and made in Italy, precisely in Campobasso, in the Made in Molise laboratory. And not just for the production of leather goods: all professionals (graphic designers, photographers, illustrators) were born and live in Molise, which incredibly strengthens the image of the brand. Gaetano says convinced:

“The perfume of Molise must come out all when you open my bag […] Craftsmanship. Creativity. Manuality. Tradition. Passion. Joy. With these words I want to summarize my brand. “

Showcase 2018

Gaetano Pollice is among the talents selected by Showcase, a new project by AltaRoma and Agenzia Ice in favor of emerging Made in Italy fashion and design. For the occasion, the designer presents “What it is, is Beautiful”, a new collection of Made in Molise bags.

The new collection this time speaks of the sea, of saltiness, of the Molise sea that I love so much and with whom I grew up. Water is life and water gives life. In these years I have made my own a quote, “what it is, is beautiful”, in fact. Whatever we do, whoever we are and whatever we want to achieve, everything will still be beautiful. “Gaetano Pollice

Jellyfish and starfish are the protagonists of the collection. The color palette rotates all around the burgundy, the main color: ink violet, nude, light blue, gold and silver, red.