• Jean-Philippe-Worth

    Worth, Jean Philippe

    Jean Philippe Worth is the son of French fashion designer Charles F. Worth and succeeds his father in running the atelier.

  • Jacques-Worth

    Worth, Jacques

    Jacques Worth, son of Gaston Worth and grandson of Charles F. Worth, took over the administrative management of the house.

  • Gaston-Worth

    Worth, Gaston

    Son of Charles F. Worth, Gaston Worth was the administrative and commercial director of the family's haute couture fashion house.

  • Charles Frédérick Worth

    Worth, Charles Frédérick

    Worth is an Haute couture fashion house created by Charles Frédérick, an 19th century fashion designer and inventor of haute couture.

  • Matthew-Williamson

    Williamson, Matthew

    Matthew Williamson is an English fashion designer, mainly appreciated for his extraordinary, vivid sense of colour and attention to detail.

  • Valentin Yudaskin

    Yudashkin, Valentin

    Valentin Yudaskin is a Russian haute couture designer. In 1990 he founded his fashion house and the following year made his debut in Paris.