Brand of tennis and sport shoe. The tennis model (the 2750) is universally known in the basic version: white canvas. But it has been reproduced in countless different variations — in cashmere, Oxford cotton, fleece, sponge, and linen. Superga’s history began as a company that produced articles in rubber, particularly shoes (for sport and leisure from the start of the 20th century). After a long period of being owned by Pirelli, it was bought in 1993 by So.Pa.F, an investment group, which named Franco Bosisio — the man who planned the rampant success of Swatch watches in Italy — as managing director. In addition to the abundant lines of shoes and boots, Superga produces women’s, men’s, and children’s collections of clothing (with the children’s collection produced by Altana). It also creates a line of eyewear (produced by Italiana Occhiali) and stationery (by Pesenti Pigna).