Franca (1950). Italian journalist and editor of Vogue Italia. At a very young age and with a degree in literature and philosophy, she entered Condé Nast as an editor for Vogue Bambini. She then moves on to Lei (Italian version of the American Glamour) of which she became editor in 1979. In 1982, she founded Per Lui, a men’s version of Lei, and in 1988 was appointed editor of Vogue. As a reference point for everyone in the fashion industry, from the major names in design to those just starting out, she innovatively created a new image for the magazine. From the pages of Vogue, she has launched the careers of those that have gone on to become the leading names in fashion and fashion communications. Despite her delicate and fragile appearance, she has a will of steel and is blessed with a special gift and interest in discovering new talent and research, combined with a rare ability to make decisions and bring ideas together. She has come, quite rightly, to be considered the most influential and important person in the international fashion journalism scene. The pages of her magazine, which are highly influential, often provide previews of emerging fashions and extreme trends as they are finding their feet and taking shape. In 1994, she was made editorial director of all the Condé Nast titles in Italy.
&Quad;2002, July. An exhibition of covers of Vogue Italia opened in Rome in the Musei Capitolani. Entitled The Covers: Vogue Italia 1988-2002, it was curated by Franca Sozzani.