Simone Pérèle

Simone Pérèle: Company of women’s underwear named after the founder

Simone Pérèle is a women’s underwear company named after the founder who, in 1948, had a small corsetry shop in Paris and who just eight years later built two factories in France for the production of lingerie and a factory in Tunisia. Since 1985, the Group has been managed by the second generation: Philippe Grodner and Catherine Pérèle. They have three product lines.

In 1935, Mademoiselle Simone Pérèle obtained the diploma of  corset maker.  

 Bra wearing started to become popular from the 1920s, first in the form of bands, then cups appeared. The panties are in the field of stockings. This is also the turn of the low nylon

At the Liberation, a young bride, Simone Pérèle starts making bras.  She works at home and subcontracts some of the editing at home.

In 1948, her husband Wolf joined her

In 1948, her husband Wolf joined her. They decided to join the merchant register and settled in  Paris  , 8  rue de Montyon  in the 9th arrondissement. They register the “Simone” brand. During the first years Simone Pérèle only created satin bras, cut and then assembled in the laboratory. She deals with customers (exclusively resellers), she creates models and supervises production. Her husband takes care of the management, purchases, deliveries, shipments and packaging.In 1950, the firm was founded at 11 rue Rougemont, where she lived for eighteen years. From 1956 the Department Stores began to buy directly. The company, which today employs 30 people (and 30 to 50 home workers), doubles its surface area. In the late 1950s the company continued to grow. 
Simone Pérèle Spring/Summer 2021 - Underlines Magazine
Simone Pérèle Spring/Summer 2021

The , the company Simone Pérèle is registered

The , the company Simone Pérèle is registered. In the 60s, in addition to the old products, about ten new models were available. It is the fashion of bras that highlight the breast, called “shell”. Brigitte Bardot embodies the generously shaped pin-up. It is also the arrival of lycra, a material that will revolutionize the world of textiles by bringing elasticity to materials and therefore comfort. In 1961, Simone Pérèle creates the so-called “Sun” clip bra. These darts located in the lower part of the cup, shape the chest. In 1962, the purchase of a production plant in Orléans , near the cathedral , marked a new stage in the company’s development. Between 1964 and 1965 a small revolution takes place in the world of corsetry: Simone Pérèle creates the first lycra bra “Sole Mio”.

In 1968, the company developed the first wireless  invisible bra

In 1968, the company developed the first wireless  invisible bra. An advertising campaign reinforces this launch by conveying a very feminine image: the “Pétale” model appears in  Elle  and  Jours de France magazines . Ten years after the creation of “Soleil”, the “Pétale” bra, bare, without lace, becomes the second leading product of the brand. If Simone Pérèle gradually leaves the reins of management to his daughter, who joined the company in 1971, “Monsieur Pérèle” he trains his son-in-law and then his son at the school of the family business. In 1973 “Papillon” was born, a set of panties and bra, among the first sets (panties to match the bra) on the market.Having created from scratch, with his wife, a leading company in its sector, Mr. Pérèle gradually leaves the management to his children who are trying to modernize the brand. In 1986, the company launched several slogans: “Choosing a Pérèle is never innocent”. “The woman is independent, she buys underwear for herself to indulge herself before being sensual for the other”.Simone Pérèle then developed rapidly on an international level. In the 90s, when lycra made its appearance, the brand’s first microfibre model, “Amélia”, met with resounding success. 1995 Simone Pérèle dies.

In 1998 the invisibles revolutionized the market

In 1998 invisibles revolutionize the market: preformed bras that make a natural breast become the new must-have of the collection. In 2007, the Pérèle group launched the Implicite brand. Then, in 2009 the brand tried to renew its image with a new slogan: “Simone. So French. “In 2015, grandson and third generation Mathieu Grodner took over the company 
The economics of 2018 give a turnover of 53.0 million euros, a loss of 4.6 million euros, and a workforce of 260 units.