Simon Cracker

Simon Cracker

Simon Cracker is a clothing and accessory brand founded in 2010 by Simone Botte

The Simon Cracker brand was founded in 2010 by designer Simone Botte (1985). After a past as a graphic designer, Botte arrived in the world of fashion debuting at the Paris Fashion Week as an emerging talent. It was very popular among buyers in Hong Kong and Japan, where the brand is still sold.

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The Style

The brand’s name was inspired by the word “crack” Destruction is a fundamental concept for the brand, it means destroying, breaking something useless to give it new life. Simon Cracker offered a line of unisex clothing and accessories with an impertinent aesthetic, which disturbs and causes strong emotions. A style that has its roots in the designer’s childhood, primary source of creative inspiration. Stylized and childish designs appear on t-shirts and accessories; sometimes they take shape by becoming bijoux.

Particular attention is also paid to the issue of sustainability and environmentally friendly production. In fact, over 90% of the fabrics destined for waste are reused to create the clothes. Simone Botte has been collaborating with seamstresses and knitters in Cesena for years to create the collections, combining his new punk style with tradition and giving life to a less traditional couture that combines art, memories and eco-sustainability.

ss21 campaign

Simon Cracker’s collaboration

Simon Cracker collaborated with Kappa for the Spring-Summer 2018 collection. This resulted in the “Simon Cracker Destroys Kappa” collection. A capsule of 8 outfits reinterprets the stylistic codes of Kappa with the creativity of Simone Botte; a tailored-punk style collection, with crop jackets with the classic Kappa side band reproduced on an elegant suit. The capsule was very successful in China and led to a + 50% increase in turnover compared to the previous year. This was also possible thanks to the launch of the e-commerce

Moreover, he collaborated with the English designer Thomas Mennell and with the streetwear brand Ansia.

La calzatura in collaborazione con Thomas Mennell

In 2021 the Simon Cracker brand was among the 12 finalists of the Who is On Next? Competition, the scouting project dedicated to emerging talents.

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