Claudia (1970). Born in Rheinberg, Germany, she has blue eyes, blond hair and is 1.8 metres tall. She was discovered aged 17 (celebrating a friend’s birthday) in a disco in Düsseldorf by Michel Levaton from the Metropolitan agency. She abandoned her plans to become a lawyer (like her father) and moved to Paris, where, having been on the cover of Elle, she was offered the Guess campaign in 1989. Claudia is a modern-day Barbie, the new Brigitte Bardot. She modeled for Chanel (Lagerfeld loves her), Valentino, and Versace. She became a regular face on magazine covers and was offered deals worth millions. With a group of other supermodels, she set up the Fashion Café, publishes fitness videos, and has written her memoirs. She has also tried some film work, but with little success. When she went with the American illusionist David Copperfield, it caused a great stir. In 2002, she had a little boy, Caspar, by her husband, the producer Matthew Vaughn.