Jean Louis (1936). French designer born in Lyons. His style is simple. His luxury ready-to-wear is known for its prized velvets, and overcoats with leather and suede finishes. His designs are inspired by the Orient and in the 1980s he produced Mongolian and Chinese style cloaks and coats. He chose fashion as an alternative to ballet, which he was forced to give up following an accident. Dior took him on a year before the master died, following which Scherrer worked with Dior’s successor, Yves Saint Laurent. After three years with Féraud, he created his own label in 1962. His talent scout was Julia Trissel, the buyer for Bergdof Goodman. His brand was relaunched in 1976 and four years later won the Dé d’Or, which brought a further decade of success. His journey has been one of highs and lows as a result of the continual changes in ownership of the company of which he is director. In 1992, he had to hand it over to the Japanese group Seibu who entrusted the brand, first to Erik Mortensen, then to Bernard Perrys. In 1997, the house was bought by the French company EK Finance, which choses Stéphane Rolland as its designer.
&Quad;2002. Mouffarige and Franµois Barthes founded the France Luxury Group that bought Scherrer, along with other labels.
&Quad;2002. Stéphane Rolland launched a menswear line and focused on the haute couture side of the business.
&Quad;2002. Ritu Beri was chosen by the France Luxury Group to design ready-to-wear for Scherrer.
&Quad;2003. Ritu Beri left the group.