Rosasco: Textile company in the Como area

The brand was founded by Camozzi & Rosasco in 1899 and specialised in the production of linings and fabrics for women’s clothing. It developed as the sole proprietorship of Enrico Rosasco (1909). His sons Eugenio and Mario joined the company in 1919 as partners and directors. In 1920 they acquired the Appiano Gentile weaving mill, which joined the one in Como, and in 1925 they opened the Domaso weaving mill. Later, it expanded its range of action to include ties, haute couture fabrics, operati and finally fabrics for mackintoshes.

Rosasco: With the passing of the years, the traditional raw material

Over the years, cotton, wool, rayon and other fibres were added to the traditional raw material, silk. It became a joint-stock company in 1960. Upon the death of Eugenio (1961), the founder’s son and long-time head of the company, a period of impasse began, as witnessed by the annual accounts, which culminated in the closure of the tie sector and the concentration of production in Appiano Gentile. From 1970 the crisis became irreversible and the irreparable company situation was tackled in the only possible way, with the sale of the Appiano Gentile factory and warehouse. 1978 marked the end of Rosasco.

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