Carolyne (1951). American fashion designer. She went into business for herself in 1984, with a line targeting working women (functionality and, at the same time, great care in the patterns, fabrics, and details), and she retired in 1993. She learned her trade by studying fashion and costume at Washington University in Missouri and by working for ten years with Oscar De La Renta.
&Quad;She devoted herself to teaching about gardening and the art of flower arrangements. In 1997, she published A Passion for Flowers (HarperCollins) in which she applied to floral composition the lessons that she had learned in the fields of style and elegance: “I can’t tell you how many times I have seen an outfit ruined because of bad accessorizing; the same thing is true for flowers: even the loveliest flowers ‘don’t work’ if they are put in the wrong vase or set against an inappropriate background.” Two years later, she appeared in bookstores again with Winter Notebook (again, HarperCollins).