Rodo: Italian leather goods company

The birth of the brand and the core activity

Rodo is an Italian leather goods company, founded in Florence by Romualdo Dori. It was founded in the 1950s, initially as a manufacturer of bags based on Dutch wicker baskets. It then became a characteristic of the company to offer bags with special weaves in the handles. Today, the production also includes shoes and belts.

Gianni Dori, CEO, on the openings in the Middle East

“In the last two years we have opened seven shops, the latest in early 2015 in Dubai,” CEO Gianni Dori tells FashionMag. “These include the second address in Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, as well as setting up dedicated structures within the company on both the retail and training fronts.

“In addition, the shop-in-shop opened in May in Singapore within Takashimaya was expanded in October to 25 square metres from the initial 16,” continues Dori. “For now, we have no other opening targets, not even in Italy, where we control just one shop, in Milan. In fact, we intend to consolidate the positions we have acquired, although in the second half of 2016 we will take steps to concrete other openings, focusing mainly on the USA. This focus on the second half of the year is due, above all, to the fact that our 60th anniversary celebrations will start in September, because the brand was born precisely in that month of 1956 from the initiative of Romualdo Dori”.


Turnover in 2014

Turnover in 2014 was €12.8 million (+26% on 2013, and Rodo has been growing uninterruptedly since 2009), only 7% obtained in Italy, all the rest abroad. The figure is equally divided fifty-fifty between bags and shoes. In 2015, Rodo’s turnover growth stood at around 6%, bringing the brand to around €13.5 million in turnover

The metalwork section

While still focusing on bags and shoes, the Mogliano (MC) brand is also aiming to develop the workings of its metalwork section. A year ago, it produced a capsule collection of metal bijoux for the Christmas season.

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