Alain (1924-1982). French designer. He was the right-hand man of Jacques Fath. For him and for his wife Geneviève, he designed the allegorical costumes of the Dawn for the legendary ball held in Venice in 1951 by Charles de Bestegui. He was the director of the Maison Fath in New York. Later, he accepted the invitation of the Milanese fashion designer Biki to work with her in the creative direction of the maison; he then became — in the 1950s — the Pygmalion of the house’s client Maria Callas, completely revolutionizing her style of dressing. Not only did he hand down a sort of Ten Commandments to La Callas (what she could and could not wear, and when), but giving a sense of structure to her wardrobe, cataloguing it and classifying in such a way that the renowned soprano would never have difficulties with selecting outfits and coordinating them with the right accessories. He created clothing for Jeanne Moreau for Antonioni’s film La Notte. At the end of the 1960s, he launched the first joint venture in the field of fashion with Japan, founding Biki-Japan.