Henry (1912-2002). French businessman. He began his career working in the steel business, and enjoyed great success. At the age of 65 he sold his company and focused on the Louis Vuitton company which was entrusted to his direction by the owners, who were related to him through marriage. He transformed the company from a small, elite, artisanal operation (producing trunks, bags bags and valigie) into a universal status symbol griffe. In the 1990s, the rising influence of the new partner Bernard Arnault obliged him to leave the Vuitton company. But he did not retire. He created the Orcofi group, which would in time become a new player in the luxury business. It purchased Lanvin, Philippe Model, Daum, and Andrelux and introduced the Inés de La Fressange griffe.
&Quad;2002. He died at the age of 90 of a heart attack, while traveling to Sardinia. He was survived by his wife and his twin daughters Caroline Bentz and Laurence Fontaine.