Pitta Rosso

The PittaRosso brand was born from a large Italian family, indeed great in terms of shoes. Three generations always in step with the times to offer the best in the distribution of footwear and to meet everyone’s needs. A family expanded to excess, which starts from owners to expand to employees, where the constant commitment of all forms an entrepreneurial reality that looks at fashion, diversification of the offer, quality and its relationship with competitive prices. Ivo, Vittorio, Pierluigi and Lorenzo Pittarello are the brothers of an all-Italian success, which has easily crossed national boundaries to become successful in Europe.

To understand it better, just take a few steps in 1. If grandfather, father, children had not been united by the same passion, the PittaRosso brand would not be known and appreciated as it is today. From the first steps in the Veneto outdoor markets, passing through the Seventies with the first shops in Padua, Jesolo and Lignano, up to the current over 200 large-scale stores, the growth was constant and unstoppable, with steps giant.

Today the corporate image is renewed and new marketing strategies and distribution techniques are set up that are destined to leave an indelible mark in terms of appeal, turnout and public loyalty.


PittaRosso is increasingly synonymous with shoes for the whole family. The reason is very simple: PittaRosso has all the numbers, and as it could not take care of footwear, to be the number one even tomorrow.

The turning point of Pittarello in 2014 goes through an exponential growth in turnover and the change of name: from Pittarello Rosso to PittaRosso. The metamorphosis in the logo, supported by new major investments in marketing and communication, also accompanies a progressive economic and financial re-launch of the chain active in the retail distribution channel of footwear for the whole family. Born 90 years ago like Pittarello, today the brand renamed PittaRosso returns to think big thanks to new resources and ambitious commercial development plans made possible by the private equity fund “21 Investimenti” led by Alessandro Benetton and the managing director Andrea Cipolloni, which in July 2011 acquired the footwear company. The leaders of the new fund have rolled up their sleeves and after a little less than two years from the start-up of the new course, they are already reaping the fruits of their patient work.

The numbers in this sense speak clearly. Starting in 2011, when the family-run business in the Veneto region made 116 million euros in turnover to then go up to 150 million in 2012, the company closed the 2013 financial year with 200 million euros, an increase of 35 %, a figure that almost doubles, cutting the milestone by 90%, the initial one of 2011.

2012, “succeeding in the difficult enterprise of substantially increasing the turnover and improving the profitability of the company”, they point out with pride by the company. In the meantime, 21 Investimenti has also worked hard on the expansion of the distribution network and rearrangement of existing boutiques, bringing home good results: the three-color brand stores have gone from 53 in 2011 to 80 in 2012 to 100 in 2013. Another twenty openings happened since 2013. At the same time, the restyling of 14 points of sale is under way, bringing the total number of historical sales points to 20 adjusted to the new format in these two years. “A further sign – let the company know – to communicate to consumers the will of the brand to enter a path of modernization”.