Jewelry brand owned by the Italian company Worldgem (province of Vicenza). Dynamic communication techniques, distribution, and sales have enabled the firm to rapidly establish its four brands on the national and foreign markets: Nimei, Yukiko, Miluna, and Kiara, which each serve a different market band. While Nimei and Yukiko are designed for a public with classic tastes, Miluna and Kiara satisfy the youth market, sensitive to changes in fashion. In particular, Nimei represents the feather in the firm’s cap, with its many collections in which pearls, always accompanied by a guarantee of high quality, play an important role. Examples of different tones — white, lavender and peach — are combined to produced the refined and decorative effects of the La Perla collection. The Nimei La Perla strands are quoted in the financial newspaper, Il Sole 24 Ore, every second Tuesday of the month.”