An Italian sewing machine factory. Immediately after the end of World War I, sewing machines were only imported from abroad. In 1919, the entrepreneur Vittorio Necchi (years later he was made a Cavaliere del Lavoro) sensed the potential for a business and built the first Italian sewing machine in his laboratory in Pavia. It was dated 1920 and was called Iri, taken from the name of the firm (Industrie Riunite) that produced it.


In 1927, Necchi launched the first domestic bobbin sewing-machine. From 1955, Necchi machines did zigzag stitch. By 1947, the Lombard company had started to export its products, starting with America. In the 1970s, the first electronic machines were made, which combined high technology with design aesthetics, earning themselves a place in the most prestigious museums across the world.


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