Hanae (1926). Japanese designer known for her butterfly emblem. Born in Shimane in Japan, after studying at the Catholic university in Tokyo, she turned to the creation of fashion. At the end of the war she married fabric manufacturer Ken Mori, who joined forces with his wife to open a small shop in Tokyo in 1955. In this period she specialized in film costumes, working with famous directors such as Ozu, Kurosawa, and Oshima. In the early 1960s she met Coco Chanel, and then decided to concentrate on haute couture. She presented her first collection in 1968 in New York, where she also opened a boutique. Nine years later she opened her haute couture house in Paris and became the first Japanese designer to become a member of the Chambre Syndicale of Paris fashion. In Tokyo, one of the other capitals in her empire, she and her two children looked after the running of the Mori Group, which expanded from clothing to include accessories, and household accessories. Her style is a mixture of Japanese traditionalism and European tailoring: most famous are her evening dresses which are often made from exclusive silks and reinterpret the traditional form of the kimono.
&Quad;2003. The Hanae Mori Studio range became the responsibility of Mori’s daughter-in-law, Pamela Mori. Hanae still looks after the financial management of the four billion dollar empire, based in Omotesando.