Negin Mirsalehi

Negin Mirsalehi: the blogger and entrepreneur with the hair of a mermaid.

Negin Mirsalehi was born on the 2nd of November 1988 in Almere, Holland, under the sign of Scorpio. Oval face, large hazel doe eyes, mermaid hair almost always styled with beautiful soft waves, which bring out the strokes of light.
Her beauty comes from a melting pot of cultural origins, particularly Iranian ones. In fact, her family is originally from Iran. This can also be noticed from her name, “Negin”, which in Persian means “precious stone”. This is the case of a name that turned out to be a destiny.
Already in 2020, Mirsalehi had assets of about 4 million dollars. But what is the reason for this glorious success?


Negin graduated in Marketing at VU University in Amsterdam and the tools she acquired, corroborated by her great interest in fashion, led her to make her passion also a job, through social networks such as Instagram and YouTube.

Negin’s interest in fashion was born some time ago: it was her older sister Jila who influenced her from an early age in the discovery of trends. As regards the combinations of fabrics and colours she was oriented by her mother who, having arrived in the Netherlands from Iran, chose her fabrics by herself and sewed her clothes independently.


Negin’s mother was a hairdresser, in fact she provided for the care of her hair and those of her daughters, in particular using honey, famous in Iran for its benefits at a capillary level.
Nenegin’s father, on the other hand, is a fifth-generation beekeeper, a lover of the world of these insects, so productive and tireless, as well as able to create something extremely fascinating.


The ever-growing followers that Negin began to get on Instagram started to focus their attention on the girl’s amazing hair. This reminded her that she could pass on the family tradition to others.
Her mother, in fact, always used honey in her creams and masks, and with the help of her father’s beekeeper work she founded GISOU, a company of wellness products, especially for hair care. GISOU means gold curls, referring both to the shine of golden hair and to the characteristic colour of honey.


Gisou | Honey infused haircare from the Mirsalehi Bee GardenThe first product was launched on the market in 2019: a hair oil enriched with honey from the Mirsalehi beegarden formulated to repair hair in depth. It’s a multi-tasking product, usable both for post-wash finishing, for hairdo, but also as an addition to masks or as a night treatment.
Since the launch of the first product, the company has become popular and Mirsalehi has launched other products for both hair and face, suitable for the skincare of every fashionista.

Initially, the products were sold through the official website, or through resellers. The first reseller in Milan was 10Corso Como. Since 2022, GISOU is also treated by SEPHORA.

Hair Oil GISOU, Infused with Honey, 100 ml | ShipShop



Mirsalehi, to date, is one of the most acclaimed influencers on the social scene. She receives invitations for events and fashion shows from the major brands in the sector, Dior and Valentino above all, but also Prada and Gucci.


Negin has been in a relationship with Maurits Stibbe since high school. The two met at the age of 14 and got together at the age of 17. In recent years he has also become her business partner. In 2017, they adopted a poodle, which they called their “first child,” Mosey.
After several years of waiting, in which Mirsalehi joked with posts and reels on Instagram about the fact that Stibbe had not proposed to her yet, on the 4th of July 2021, Negin published a reel on her social profile in which Stibbe kneels giving her the engagement ring in Positano.

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On the 11th of July 2022, their first son Sam Eduard Stibbe was born.

Negin Mirsalehi, mother for the first time: The blogger reveals the baby's  name - Instagramming

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