Italian women’s knitwear firm, founded at Galliate (Novara) by Olga di Gresy who, immediately after World War II, focused on fashion and, taking up the offer of Giovanni Battista Giorgini, showed her designs at the runway show of 12 February 1951 in Florence: an event that marked the beginning of “Made in Italy.” Mirsa — who always remained very faithful to the Pitti Palace — is an important name in the knitwear sector. Even before Giorgini invited American buyers to a runway show of Italian designs, Mirsa, with the help of Odette Tedesco, the buyer for the I. Magni department stores, had a presence in America. In 1950 the company had 80 employees, a number that had increased to 650 by 1973. At the end of the 1950s, exports accounted for 80% of production, due in part to the collaboration with the designer G.B. Vannozzi (1970-75). Following changes in the industry and market, Mirsa closed down in 1984.