Nicole (1952). American designer born in Lenox, Massachusetts. Her studies at the Parisian haute couture schools taught her the importance of dress construction. Convinced that few women have perfect bodies, she aimed to flatter them as much as possible and to disguised any defects. Her taste for colors was inspired by her frequent travels to Brazil and her interest in the world of performance, in particular Broadway musicals. During the second half of the 1990s, she was one of the first American designers to send actresses down the runway instead of models: Minnie Driver, Jill Hennessy, and Gretchen Mol all accepted her invitation.
&Quad;2002. Miller celebrated 20 years of business as one of the great American designers. Her first “hip smock dress” was presented in 1982.
&Quad;2003, July. She launched a special silk tie to mark the inauguration of the National Constitution Center of Philadelphia, the first American museum dedicated entirely to the constitution. There were 30 Nicole Miller boutiques in the United States.