Kokichi Mikimoto, a diligent, friendly Japanese man, was the first person to produce a cultivated pearl, after years of experiments in 1893 in Mar. He became the official supplier to the Japanese royal family, beginning a tradition of high-quality production that continues to be prestigious. Mikimoto Quality and Mikimoto Top Quality are considered the most authoritative parameters in the classification of cultivated pearls, which are regulated by five internationally recognised evaluation criteria: color, form, brilliancy, pearly surface, and dimensions. The opening of the first Tokyo store dates to 1908. From 1920 onwards, others were opened in London, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. The firm, of which Tohiohiko Mikimoto is the president, named a collection of pearl jewelry after Princess Grace of Monaco and initiated a collaboration with the Princess Grace Foundation — USA, an organization that supports young artists from around the world. Mikimoto Milano Collection is a line of jewelry made from gold, cultivated pearls, precious stones, and diamonds, which are designed and created in Italy by Giovanna Broggian. This collection, which is linked with the face of Catherine Deneuve, uses avant-garde techniques in the settings that respect the integrity of the pearl and emphasize its aesthetic qualities.”