mary jane marcasiano

Marcasiano, Mary Jane

Mary Jane Marcasiano is an American designer, specializing in knitwear born in 1955. She launched her company in 1980, making highly wearable designs, aiming to combine textile, color, and luminosity in a harmonious way. She often experiments by combining and exploiting the contrast between traditional weaves and textiles and Lycra. She has influenced many very young fashion designers.

mary jane marcasiano
Sweaters designed by the designer

In 2002, together with about 30 other “eco-aware” designers, Mary Jane Marcasiano collaborated on the fourth Wellman’s Annual Master Apprentice Collection, an event organized by Pepsi Cola. On 22 April, Earth Day, a range of clothing made entirely from fibers obtained from recycled bottles and made working side-by-side with students from eight different colleges, went on display in the atrium of the Citicorp Center in New York.

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