martini alviero

Martini, Alviero

Martini Alviero is an Italian designer born in 1951 who created the Prima Classe brand. His prêt-à-porter is characterized by clothing suited to a dynamic lifestyle. His leather goods are “marked” with geographic maps. The brand debuted in 1989 and now boasts 1,000 sales outlets and 15 own-brand stores.
The New York store opened on Madison Avenue.
Land Rover, the famous British off-road vehicle, chose Martini to design the interiors of the Freelander, their most unconventional model.

martini alviero
Martini Alviero

He closed the year with a turnover of 20 million euros

The year closed with a turnover of 20 million euros (up 5%), thanks in part to the strong performance of the new line of footwear. Other new ventures include a Scarabeo 200 Aprilia signed by Aliviero Martini — all in black with seats and bags made with the famous leather printed with maps.
The first store in Rome opened in Via Borgognona, to coincide with the haute couture shows.
Mission to Mars is the new destination of Alviero Martini, who has always linked his collections with voyages. Sneja, the Bulgarian dancer and acrobat from the Orpheus circus, opens the Milan runway show with a display of her skills.

Martini’s Martian

Martini’s Martian woman relived the 1960s of Pierre Cardin. On this occasion, Martini presented Aprilia’s Scarabeo scooter, upholstered in the famous Geo-print.
The company was sold to Final, owned by the entrepreneur Luisa Angelini, already a partner. Alviero Martini,no longer the majority shareholder, still remained as the fashion house’s creative leader.

The general manager Antonella Memo gave a new course to the company, which returned to its core business – leather goods, travel and related accessories – and reduced production more explicitly linked to fashion, while maintaining its presence in Milano Collezioni Donna. These choices soon proved to be successful and the brand consolidated its positions where it was already present and acquired new markets. 

The Final hunt Alviero Martini from the mark

In 1999, Luisa Angiolini’s Final, heir to the pharmaceutical industrialist, enters into partnership with Alviero Martini to verticalize production. The business, which does not take off, creates a rift between the parties with the subsequent divorce, now inevitable. 

After several legal battles, the non-compete clause against the stylist arrived and allowed him to found the new brand ALV by Alviero Martini in 2005, after leaving Prima Classe in the same year.

ALV, an acronym for “Andare Lontano Viaggiando” (Going Far by Traveling), does not forget Alviero Martini’s passion for traveling, so much so that its symbol becomes the postcard with the “Passport” texture. The brand includes shoes, bags, accessories and also glasses, perfumes and clothing for women, men and also kids.

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