Marshall Field & Co

The American department store Marshall Field & co. was founded in 1901 by Marshall Field, who began his career by purchasing a share of the luxury emporium that Potter Palmer had opened in Chicago at the end of the nineteenth century. It was the ability to provide customers with a fully rounded service that set Field apart. It guaranteed the repair and conservation of all the goods it sold, it refunded unsatisfied customers and took back used products, even clothing. Service and quality have been the recipe for the constant commercial success of this store for over a century.
The chain passed under the control of Dayton Hudson Corporation, known today as the Target Corporation.

marshall field & co.
A view of the Marshall Field & Co. warehouses.

In 2001, Marshall Fields took over two important American chain stores: Dayton of Minneapolis and Hudson of Michigan, which then changed their names. As a result of the merger, Marshall Field had 64 department stores in 8 American states. In 2005, the department store chain is acquired by Macy’s.

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