Mario Dice

Mario Dice, Italian brand founded in 2007

Mario Dice is an Italian brand founded in 2007 by the homonymous designer. Born in Montesarchio, he arrived in the fashion world at a very young age. He was only 14 years old when production manager Calvin Klein saw his work and offered him to work in New York. Mario Dice stayed in the Big Apple for six years, working first at Calvin Klein and then at Donna Karan.

Mario Dice AI 21
Mario Dice AI 21

Then the opportunity to return to Italy arrived. First in Rome, where the designer worked in the atelier of the Fontana Sisters and since 1999 in the Gattinoni Atelier, where he had the opportunity to nourish his soul as a couturier. Then Milan, where he collected experiences working for the biggest names in Made in Italy: Dolce & Gabbana, Philosophy and then moved to Trussardi, where he remained for seven years.

Mario Dice AI 2021/22
Mario Dice AI 2021/22

In 2007 the decision to found his own brand was taken and Mario Dice was born. The brand officially entered the calendar of Milanese fashion shows in January 2015, presenting its men’s collection. A month later, Mario Dice also presented his women’s proposals, while he continued to lead Capucci’s creative direction.

Mario Dice’s new financial structure

In 2020 the brand presented its new financial structure: the designer and founder owns 51% of the company, 30% is in the hands of two investors, while the remaining 19% is held by the owner of Mecatex Tessuti, Luca Stefano Romoli. In 2020 the brand had 80 stores that marketed its products, of which 38 are located in Italy, while the rest are located in Europe and the Middle East, Russia and the USA.

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