marcel marongiu

Marongiu, Marcel

Marcel Marongiu is a French designer who was born in 1963. He spent the first 19 years of his life in Stockholm. He began to work in Paris and in 1982 became the assistant to France Andrevie. Marcel Marongiu launched his first line of clothing, Creatis, in Stockholm. However, he presented the first garments under his own name in Paris. His style is a purist style, as he likes to define it, occasionally influenced by classical influences (he studied, and is passionate about, Ancient Greek), with tunics and clean lines. There is nothing “de trop” in his clothing.

marcel marongiu

A dress created by Marcel Marongiu

What is his aim? To create collections for young women who are not necessarily particularly wealthy. His first own-brand store opened in Paris in 1998 at 203 rue Saint-Honoré.
A sake tableware collection featured cobra-shaped vases, elliptical bowls, oriental-inspired coffee cups and salads bowls with very asymmetrical lines. The Saturne and Sten collections, designed for Artoria Limoges, one of the most important French porcelain manufacturers, could only be by Marongiu.

marcel marongiu
The sake service designed by the French designer

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