Silvano (1949). Italian designer, born in Cesena. His designs have a theatrical and ironic tone. His career began in Rome as a costume designer, collaborating with the theatrical tailor Umberto Tirelli and costume designer, Pierluigi Pizzi. He took over from André Laug at Antonelli tailors, to whom he was introduced by Beppe Modenese. He designed clothes for high society from 1968 to 1975, at the same time working on the boutique collections for Marina Lante della Rovere (1970-74), Trells, Pims (1970-82), Paola Signorini and the knitwear company Milena Mosele. From 1982 to 1989, he established contacts in Japan in order to produce and distribute his own clothing line, Renown, and opened 60 boutiques in Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto. During the 1990s, he preferred working on short-term collaborations, with Pianoforte by Max Mara, with Basile, with the Milanese tailor Mosè and Calvin Klein lingerie.
&Quad;2003. Dannati e intoccabili was the title of Malta’s novel on the world of fashion. A mix of fiction and reality, the stylist painted a dark picture of the fashion industry.