madame suzy

Madame Suzy

Madame Suzy is a french milliner and a french maison of hats.

At the end of the 1920s, Madame Suzy opens her store in rue de la Paix in Paris. The opening comes after the milliner worked under Suzanne Talbot for 15 years and also worked for Maria Guy. Madame Suzy’s clients also included some women of nobility. Among them, there were Marina Duchess of Kent and the Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson. 

madame suzy
A cap by Madame Suzy

In 1941, Bergdorf Goodman, the refined New York department store, began to stock the firm’s hats but their immediate success did not persuade the owner-designer to move to the United States. The Parisian atelier turned her into one of the most prominent designers during the post-war period.

In the same period, she also launches a line of perfumes. Her compay shut down in the 50s but the hats can be seen in different museum, like the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Goldstein Museum of Design in Minnesota. 

madame suzy
An elegant cap by Madame Suzy

Her hats are very particular and flashy thanks to the use of different materials. The caps are made of felt, straw, velvet, sometimes even all together. Various embellishments are then applied to these, such as flowers, feathers, ribbons and veils.

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