L’Uomo Vogue

Italian men’s fashion magazine founded in 1967 to accompany Vogue Italy, and from the second issue already an independent magazine, first bi-monthly then monthly. Under the direction of Franco Sartori (until 1976), Flavio Lucchini (1976-79), Cristina Brigidini (1979-92), Aldo Premoli (1992-2000), Franca Sozzani and now Anna Dello Russo, the magazine has followed and sponsored men’s prêt-à-porter. At the beginning its approach was in contrast with the traditional elegance of the 1950s-60s, then, during the 1980s, it documented the birth and the ascent of the emerging griffes and later became the speaker of the new need for design and essentiality. The magazine has always employed very important photographers: among others, Ugo Mulas, Oliviero Toscani (who started to work for the magazine very young), Bruce Weber, Carlo Orsi, Norman Parkinson, Horst, Helmut Newton, and Lord Snowdon.