Shoe brand distributed by La 3A Antonini, a company established in Verona in 1945 as an craft activity by Ivo Antonini and his cousins Alvaro and Ezio. In the mid-1950s, 3A Antonini was already an avant-garde industrial company in the shoe sector. Over a span of 59 years the product has changed more than once, complying with the evolution in customs and market demand, transformations that have been made possible by the use of advanced technologies. Between 1965 and 1975 the company was very successful in the children’s shoes sector; and in the 1980s with the launch of the Lumberjack shoe. The company is now managed by the third generation and was one of the first to believe in the importance of the advertising message. The most important choices made have concerned production and marketing. First, through a decentralization strategy over several stages: first in the Verona area, then in southern Italy, and later abroad. The second step concerned changes made to the distribution network to meet the demands of the marketplace. The Lumberjack brand is now distributed to a network of retailers rather than wholesalers. The new brand’s philosophy is focused on constant updating, shifting from the traditional outdoor nature of the brand towards a more fashionable and casual style. Acer, a production plant near Brasciov in Romania, was opened at the end of 2000. It employs 200 people. The company’s goal is the direct production of shoes in an area that has now become an object of interest to other companies. The entire production process occurs under the supervision of Italian technicians specialized in quality control, in order to keep production standards to the levels requested by ISO 9002 certification. In 2002 Antonini’s turnover was 56 million euros, 18.44% from exports. The company has 1,480 multibrand sales points, 6 own-brand stores, of which 2 are owned by the company and 4 are franchises.