Lanificio Egidio Ferla

Established in 1927 in Ponzone Biellese, it follows the tradition of the industrial district of Biella and manufactures exclusive fabrics. The company is renowned for the creativity and refinery of its products, fibers and colors. The production capacity is of about 400,000 meters of fabrics a year for both men’s and women’s clothing, 60% of which is exported. It is the market leader in the production of fabrics in baby alpaca (Peruvian and first shearing, produced in limited quantity, approximately 1.5% of the total alpaca production). Among the company’s other products are sport fabrics in Woolair and very fine lambswool, Summer super-fine in wool-linen, wool-silk, and Suri-linen-cotton (Suri belongs to the alpaca family).
&Quad;2002. Turnover was €5,324 million, almost 50% of which derived from exports. The company employed 50 staff.