Delphine. French designer and stylist for the shoe brand Facteur Céleste. Her passion for “zoris,” — Japanese thong sandals, which in Céleste’s Collections are available in hundreds of versions, fabrics and models — originates from a visit to the Shoe Museum in Hiroshima, Japan, in 1994. Tetsuo Ushioda, the museum’s curator, told her the history of these traditional shoes and Delphine returned to France with zoris on her feet (she wears them all year round) with the idea of developing a Collection starting from a single type of slipper. Every Facteur Céleste thong sandal represents the safeguarding of now disappearing craftsmen’s traditions, as is the case for the manufacturer of espadrilla soles, and damask fabric dyers. In China she has set up a factory to produce special socks to wear with the slippers.