Kinloch is an Italian brand, founded in 2013 in Milan by Davide Mongelli and specialized in silk accessories.

Kinloch womenswear collection. 

The birth

Kinloch appeared in the market in 2013: it proposed printed silk foulards and ties, produced in the Como area: thanks to its founder Davide Mongelli and his business partner and designer Francesco Fantoccoli, it has been recognized as Made in Italy excellence brand.

Kinloch style

The products of the brand are characterized by its patterns: the images – or the details repeated all-over – always remember a travel in different places, whose details are described in a dreamlike and irreverent way. Another distinguishing feature is the high quality of the products, realized by Italian hand-sewed fabrics (later, beyond silk, cotton, wool, cashmere and silk flannel came too).

Las Vegas foulard.

The collections

Kinloch menswear accessories production started with ties, proposed in two lengths and flanked by bow ties, proposed in both versions, knotted or to knot. Then, especially in the Japanese world, the handkerchief, a 50×50 cotton square, had a great success: there it’s used as gift when you visit your friends.

Womenswear collection is focused too on the success of the handkerchief, to be knotted to your bag, your wrist or your neck.

Furthermore, Kinlock showed its flexibility and said to be available to personalized collections, which aims at making unique a product whose production starts form an existing pattern. Nowadays the company, which has already tested the production of shirts, is going to start the production of pyjamas, as requested by its customers.

The expansion of the brand

Kinloch was immediately able to recognize its main public and to control its market: at first, it affirmed itself in Japan, where the brand was acquired by department stores such as Isetan, Takashimaya and United Arrows. Then, in time, the brand expanded to the West too, being acquired by many department stores, among which, in Italy, La Rinascente.

Collezione uomo
Kinloch menswear collection.

In 2022 Kinloch registered a turnover of 350.000 €; the company expects to grow more than 30 % inn 2023, when it also expects to double its production.

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