Italian Fashion Service

Established in December 1951 from the alliance between the Fashion Institute of Turin and the Fashion Center of Milan, which was made to promote Turin as a possible crossroads of Italian fashion. Eleven months before, on February 12, 1952, Florence — through the first show organized by Giorgini — had proposed itself as a candidate for the as engine of Made in Italy. Turin and Milan took the blow and were united in the attempt to win it back. The Italian Fashion Service claimed the right to coordinate and discipline the fashion movement. In winter 1952, an article in Popolo entitled Lights and Shadows of the Dominium of All Vanities accused the Italian Fashion Service of having formed a division that stole away eight tailors and designers from the White Room of the Florentine Pitti Palace. Simonetta, Fabiani, Schuberth, Lola Giovannelli, the Fontana sisters, Ferdinandi, Mingolini-Heim, and Garnet.