Intimissimi is owned by the Calzedonia group, the group also owns Tezenis, Falconeri, Signorvino and Atelier Emé.

Intimissimi is an Italian underwear company founded in 1996 in Dossobuono di Villafranca di Verona. The brand is owned by the Calzedonia group.

The Intimissimi brand was founded in 1996 as a line dedicated to the Calzedonia group’s underwear . The production of the brand has then expanded to knitwear and sleepwear , while maintaining the lingerie for men and women as the main product of the brand.

In 1998 Intimissimi has 80 points of sale on the national territory, which in the following ten years reach over a thousand, with a distribution network covering the whole of Europe .

In 2007 he debuted on television the advertising campaign, titled Heartango , directed by the director Gabriele Muccino and starring Monica Bellucci , flanked by the Portuguesemodel José Fidalgo. Among the other famous faces that have lent their image to the company, we can remember the models Ana Beatriz Barros  , Vanessa Kelly , Andi Muise , Josie Maran , Bianca Balti , Irina Shayk (from 2010 ambassador of ‘company), Alyssa Miller since May 2011 for the Collezione Sposa and Tanya Mityushina in 2012  .Among the men, Jesus Luz and the actor Luca Argentero . In 2013 the testimonials are: Katsia Zingarevich, for the spring / summer collection and Blanca Suarez for the fall / winter  . In 2017 Chiara Ferragni was the designer for the ‘A Legend of Beauty’ event, the new show by Intimissimi on ice .

The financial results for 2017, revealing an increase in sales and revenue supported by its international business.The company’s revenue increased to 2.31 billion euros ($2.84bn) last year, representing an 8.7% jump compared with the previous year. International sales accounted for 54% of the total.

Intimissimi sales reached 691 million euros ($850),which followed the sales of calzedonia which  were 802 million euros ($987m).