Institute Ida Ferri

Established in 1927, it is located in Piazza Cairoli 2 in Rome. It is one of the most prestigious schools in the capital. In November 2002 for the 75th anniversary of high fashion, Ida Ferri, who experienced the events of almost a century of fashion, was celebrated at the Art Café with a exhibition of 300 creations, the most meaningful show of the last 4 years. The collection was particularly inspired by the circus with mini clothes for acrobats or multicolored striped asymmetric garments for clowns. During the high fashion shows in 2002, in the traditional show dedicated to the graduates of the various schools, the protagonists were once again the designs by Ida Ferri. Inspired by the Parisian fin de siècle and by the Belle Époque, it was one of the most applauded and original collections ever presented in the Roman Auditorium.