Ingram is an Italian shirt factory, founded in 1949 by Fabio Inghirami, who gave life to the first shirts industrial production.

Constant innovation

In the years the company expanded its production, by exploring every possible identity of the item which represents it: so in 1962 the first no-iron shirt appeared; in the ’70s, after the student protest, shirts characterized by fantasies and gaudy colors were produced; then, in 1990, it was the time for cottonstir, a fabric which was already impeccable after the washing and which didn’t need any other care.

Among the last new products introduced by the company, which always is in step with the times and careful to its customers’ needs, there are Ingram BIO, shirt entirely produced by biologically farmed cotton fibers, BIOSTIR, which combines Ingram BIO and cottonstir advantages, and Quick Clean, whose special fabric, 100 % cotton, allows to clean liquids and stains only by using a wet cloth.

Ingram values

Ingram always showed its love for shirt, so it decided to transform it in a cult item: it succeeded in the ’70s, when it expressly created the HF Club, addressed to passionates. Furthermore, since 1975 the brand has produced the first Made in Italy designer shirt and has chosen, as testimonial, his founder Fabio Inghirami, who represented the passion and the pride behind every item.

Ingram is convicted that a shirt needs style, but also the quality of the fabric: so, in the ’80s, the Inghirami Group was born. In the years, it acquired many factories: nowadays it includes Reporter, SanRemo, Fabio Inghirami, Peter & Sons, Pancaldi, Azzurra and Capri.

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