Iceberg is an Italian casual brand, founded in 1974 by Giuliana Gerani ad her husband Silvio, who already founded – in the ’60s – the Gilmar group.

The characteristics of the brand

The brand represents the best synthesis between comfort and elegance, because it propose a casual apparel which includes vanguard items both for manufacturing and for material. Its almost immediate notoriety is due to the use of prints with Warner Bros comics’ characters, which allude to the really colorful pop culture.

Iceberg ss20
SS 2020 collection.

In 1995 the brand debuted on Milan runways and it was sold worldwide, also in monobrand stores, opened in many cities, among which Milan, Rome, Paris, Beverly Hills, Capri and Amsterdam. The capillary distribution of its collections is possible thanks to a sale network made by owned showrooms in many fashion capitals. Nowadays Iceberg proposes a young total look for men and for women; beyond clothing, indeed, there are complete accessories lines based on licenses, such as fragrances, eyewear, leather goods, shoes, home porcelains, ties and watches. Iceberg started its activity as knitwear producer, but in time it became one of the first companies to produce casual clothing always elegant and trendy.

The expansion of Iceberg

After the extension with the Ice Ice Baby collection, addressed to 4-12 years-old children, in 2002 the brand renovated and reopened its historical store in Riccione, which gave life to the new concept of H-Art Store Iceberg: H as House and Art in reference to contemporary art. So fashion, art and furniture were mixed and sold in a boutique-art gallery which recreated a warm and comfortable atmosphere, just as a chic New York apartment, with a fundamental pop reference, which refers to Pop Art, which is collected by Paolo Gerani, actual vice-President and Creative Director of the company.

Many important fashion designers anonymously succeeded in leading the brand (among the others there are a very young Marc Jacobs, Federico Curradi and Alexis Martial), but the company always refused to make them know publicly.

Current situation

Iceberg is nowadays distributed in its 4 monobrand stores in Italy (Milan, Rome, Porto Cervo and Riccione) and in 18 franchising boutiques; furthermore, it is retailed in several multibrand stores, especially in China, Russia and United Arab Emirates.

In February 2023, after an absence of three years from international scene – also due to COVID-19 pandemic -, Iceberg organized again a fashion show, during Milan Fashion Week.

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