Kitten Heel

“I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot,” Marilyn Monroe once said. Certainly, the heel, with the toe, constitutes the most decisive component of all models of shoes. It draws attention, it determines the gait, it is an irresistible creative space for any fashion designer: the heel is, despite its location, especially looked at and admired. The most common forms are: bell-shaped or tapered, when its form is reminiscent of an hourglass, with lesser or greater degrees of accentuation; Louis XV, when the heel is high and the rear section is especially concave.

Pointed Kitten Heel Pumps

kitten heel

kitten heel is an exaggerated version of it, and it has a highly pointed shape and a tiny base. The cone-shaped heel has an upside-down version of the geometric shape, while the Cuban heel is covered with leather. The stacks or wedge-heeled shoes joins the sole, becoming an integral part of it. Manolo Blhanik and René Caovilla feature ever-changing, creative heels, showing that it is still possible to invent things in this field. Famous heels? The globe heel of the Fontana Sisters (1940), the brass-cage heel of the Calipso sandal that Salvatore Ferragamo presented in London in 1955, on the occasion of an exhibition at the Tea Centre in London, and il tacco a campana designato per l’opera The Golden Shoe Bob in 1956 da Andy Warhol.


Desert boots

L’aumento dei prezzi della moda di lusso è il sintomo di una controversa retorica post-pandemica