maglificio di vignola

Maglificio di Vignola – Gruppo Nadini

The so-called Maglificio di Vignola began about 50 years ago in Vignola, near Modena. In the 1970s the expansion of technical capability from solely knitwear to manufacturing determined the development of the Mondrian brand, which won the contract to manufacture Alitalia’s female staff uniforms in the late 1990s. The collaboration began with Gianfranco Ferré In the early 1980s, in the form of a world license for the production and distribution of his knitwear and sportswear for men and women. Since 1993, the Maglificio di Vignola has been entirely under the control of Giacomo Bizzini and his wife, Mirella Solignani Bizzini.

maglificio di vignola
Alitalia Mondrian female uniforms (1998)

The change of the name in Group Nadini

In 1996 the Group’s corporate name became Group Nadini. During the 1990s important license agreements were signed with Fendi and the American designer, Richard Tyler. The Nadini brand also has its own women’s knitwear line. The turnover currently amounts to 67 million Euro for about 800,000 manufactured garments, three-quarters of which are exported. Moreover, the company has 230 employees and about 1,200 employees in associated industries.

The company moves in a new shed in Campogalliano. However, also this time, the location along the Brenner freeway doesn’r reach any success and whithin a few years, it is bankrupt.

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