Groupe Saint Liévin

The group began from the merging of four textile industries, controlled since 1986 by the Holding Texinvest: the Saint Liévin spinning mill (1921), Ets M. Caultiez & Delaoutre (1879), Ets Paul Bonte (1910), and Sté Nouvelle Textile Saint Maclon (1946). The Saint Liévin spinning mill produced fantasy spun threads for knitwear, but also for weaving. Its structure was a continuous cycle starting with preparation, carding, and combing of the fiber. This large group (617 workers in 1999) originally dates back to wool weaving, but over the course of time it has transformed and expanded to include the development of new fibers, with continual investments in new machinery in the fantasy threads sector. Export has increased by about 40% with the production of 5.5 million kilograms.