Annick (1946-1999). Perfume creator. She was a prodigy of the pianoforte, being awarded in a contest at the Conservatory of Paris at the age of 16. In order to be economically independent from her family (her father had a pastry shop), she helped the older owners of an hand-made homeopathic laboratory of perfumes, creams, and cosmetics. Her presence was fundamental in preventing the laboratory’s decline. Through his experience, she discovered her real vocation, to be a “nose,” as it is said in the jargon of the field of fragrances, colognes, and perfumes. In Grasse, in the laboratories of the Robertet fashion house, she created her first perfume, Folavril. She went on to create Sables, L’Eau de Camille, Passion and, with a lemon base, Eau d’Adrien that guaranteed her fame, not only in France. Her brand has four stores in Paris and exports all over the world through 450 sales points. In 1985 she arranged a partnership with the Groupe du Louvre, controlled by the Taittinger family, the great Champagne name. The brand’s turnover amounts to 21 billion. In 1999, Annick passed away after 20 years’ struggle against cancer. The company continues.