Nan (1953). American photographer and artist. She studied at the School of the Museum of Modern Art in Boston. In 1978 she moved to New York, where she lives and works. Since a young age, she has been using photography as a personal diary. She has proposed a visual path where fantasy merges with reality and everyday life with its excesses, in which she is protagonist with her friends and life partners. All of this features in a book published in 1986 entitled The Ballard of Sexual Dependency, which accompanied an exhibition of the same name. Since then she has published Cookie Muller (1991), The Other Side (1992), Ten years After: Naples 1986-1996 (1998), and Couplet and Loneliness (1999). In 1996 she directed the movie I’ll Be Your Mirror. Her style has influenced a whole generation of fashion photographers who, as she does herself, prefer the raw reality to formal cleanness.