Finollo: classy and traditional shirt

Italian workshop for custom made shirts, opened in 1899 in Genoa by Emanuele Finollo. In the ever smaller European world of artisanal shirts, this boutique is an obligatory destination. To manufacture a shirt at Finollo takes nine hours of work, against eight minutes for a mass production garment. First a cloth model is made to test the fit, then there are three more steps to get the finished product. The collar, known because of its distinctive characteriestics as a Finollo collar, has a special cut which allows it to stand up perfectly without starch. There are custom made ties matched to the colors and fabrics of the shirts and, by request, hand-embroidered motifs, coats of arms, and monograms of all types. Today, the workshop is still on the street, via Roma, where it opened a century ago. It is directed by Roberto Linke with his wife Daniela Finollo and their two children Andrea and Francesca.

The more than 120 years of history and the furnishings that recall ancient eras take back to a world where time dedicated to detail is not a waste of time. Fo this reason the objects created in the laboratory are the result of capacity, inventiveness, attention and patience. The products are considered unique and unreapeatable.

The Finollo knot

The Duke of Windsor made his Windsor knot in reverse. He made a sort of half Windsor, inventing what it would become the famous Finollo knot. This knot is medium-size, which is developed by previously making half a turn to lock the tie, followed by a simple knot. It can be tight o slightly softer, depending on the person’s taste. A knot that is too small, not too showy, a Genoese knot. There is still the model of the Duke of Windsor’s collar and a photo with his autograph.   

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