Filati Biagioli Modesto

Filati Biagioli Modesto

Filati Biagioli Modesto, yarn manufacturing and processing company

Filati Biagioli Modesto was founded in 1919 in Montale, in the province of Pistoia. Born as a factory for the production of carded yarns of excellent quality, in the 1960s Modesto, a brilliant man with a passion for cashmere, transformed the spinning industry, founded by his father Arnolfo Biagioli, creating Filati Biagioli Modesto.

La fabbrica Biagioli Modesto nel '900
The factory in the early 1900s

The yarns and the choice of raw materials

For the yarns, only wool deriving from the best animal farms are chosen. The selection starts from a careful territorial research, especially in China and Mongolia. All raw materials used for natural yarns come from noble fibers. Cashmere, silk, camel, angora, alpaca, linen and merino wool are carefully selected and processed entirely in Italy to guarantee quality.

The selection of quality raw materials and constant innovation of processing tools respond to the market demands to always produce trendy yarns for ready to wear fashion and haute couture. The company also has a precious archive such as those of the dyeing plant containing tens of thousands of colour recipes. The Dyeing department is a fundamental component for the entire production process because it’s highly specialized in the dyeing of fibres and yarns in hanks and in the dyeing and treatment of finished products.

Sustainability and innovation

The importance of production, capable of combining both innovation and sustainability, is a fundamental part of an avant-garde company like that of Filati Biagioli. Craftsmanship, technology and sustainability are the core values of Filati Biagioli Modesto. In fact, for the production of fabrics it uses only renewable energy, the dyeing processes exclude substances that are toxic to the environment. In addition to having an internal research laboratory, it is actively engaged in various projects aimed at reducing waste and reducing the environmental impact.

Un telaio di Filati Biagioli Modesto
A loom by Filati Biagioli Modesto

The acquisition of Filati Biagioli Modesto by Prada and Zegna

In 2017, the registered turnover was € 33,047,300. In 2021, Prada and Ermenegildo Zegna acquired the company by entering the share capital with a 40% stake. The Biagioli family kept 15%. The remaining 5% is owned by Renato Cotto, a manager from Biella with a long career in the world of yarns who will take on the role of CEO. Franca Biagioli, Modesto Biagioli’s daughter, joined the board of directors together with Patrizio Bertelli.

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